LA Kids Events (In-Person)

February 29 – March 3, 2024

SCV Kids Events (Online Sale)

April 27-30, 2024 : Online Sale

How to Tag & Price Your Items

Use our super easy online tagging program to enter your items!  


Pick the right CATEGORY

When shopping, most shoppers will shop within category (girls clothes, boys shoes, infant toys, bikes, etc.).  Picking the right category for your items is key so they show up where the shoppers are looking for them!  View Product Categories here.


Make your DESCRIPTION descriptive

Shoppers search for key words like brands, type of products, etc.  Be sure to use brand names/character names, etc. to make your items as “searchable” as possible.


Add a photo (online sales only)

For online events, add 1 photo in our online system. 


Price it to sell

You can consult our Pricing Guide, but the best guidance is – consider what YOU would pay for a gently-used item.  


Printing your tags

Print your tags at home and attach tags to your items.  Each tag has a unique barcode based on your consignor # and item information.


Mark it for discount

Discount day (the last sale day) is a huge sales day – we recommend discounting your items. You can indicate which item(s) you would like to discount  by clicking the box when you tag your items. Items are only discounted 50% on the last day of the sale.

Below is a general pricing guide.

Our best suggestion is to consider what YOU would pay for the gently-used item.

Category Type Suggested Price
Clothing Target/Old Navy/Carters  $4
  Children’s Place/Gap $4-6
  Gymboree/Pricier Brands $5-10
Shoes Depends on brand and size of shoe. $4-10
Toys Original Price under $10 (you can bundle small items together) $4-5
  Original Price $10-15 $5-8
  Original Price $15-20 $7-10
Exersaucers $25-55
Bouncy Seats $10-25
Baby Swings Smaller portable swings $20-35
  Larger stand alone swings $35-65
Pack & Plays Range varies depending on how many accessories are included (e.g. bassinet, changing table, mobile, light, etc.) and age of item $25-75
Strollers Low End $25
  Average Graco $50
  Peg Perego $50-$100
  Bugaboo/High End $150+
Jogging Strollers $50-150

Typically $1-$2 per book.  

 *For online sales, bundle books to meet $4 minimum.

$1-2 in-person sales

*$4 min for online 


Big Plastic Stuff

Play Kitchens, wagons, kid’s tables, play houses, water tables, easels, etc.


50% orig. price
Cribs no drop-side cribs $75-200
Boppys $5
Maternity  Average everyday pieces $4-10
Costumes Typically 25-50% of original price $6-15
Furniture 25% orig. price

How to Prep Your Items

We've included tons of videos here on our site to help!  Prep your items, use our software to create your TAGS and then drop off at our locations!