LA Kids Events (In-Person)

February 29 – March 3, 2024

SCV Kids Events (Online Sale)

April 27-30, 2024 : Online Sale

Kids Consignment Pop-up Events for Los Angeles Families!

Save money on EVERYTHING you need for your kids!

LA KIDS Burbank Spring Sale: 2/29/24-3/3/24


Jan 25 @ 10am : Open Registration (It fills Quick!)
Feb 25 @ 10pm : Tagging Deadline
Feb 25 & 26 : Consignor Drop-Off
Feb 28 : Consignor and Paid Pre-Sale 
Feb 29-March 3: Public Sale (No Passes Required)
March 3 and 4 : Unsold Item Pick-up

ATB Studios
157 W Providencia Ave
Burbank, CA 91502

SCV KIDS - Spring '24 Online Sale

Mar 21 @ 10am : Open Registration (It fills QUICK!)
April 21 : Tagging Deadline
April 27-30 : Online Sale
May 2 & 3 : Consignor Drop-off
May 5 & 6 : Customer Pick-up

Location: TBA

What to Expect

EVERYTHING for kids from HUNDREDS of LA’s most fashionable closets & playrooms!

Online Sales: Make your purchases online, pick up curbside a few days later.                    In-person Sales: Shop from tens of thousands of items all under one roof.

Join Us as a Consignor

Why sell your items at LA Kids Consignment?

  • Earn a big fat check just by recycling your out-grown items!
  • Sell up to 300 items in one weekend!
  • Safer than having strangers show up at your house to buy individual items.
  • Easier than meeting in the Starbucks parking lot to sell a $2.00 shirt.
  • Earn 60-70% of sales,
  • Enter your items in our online system, drop off your items to us, and we do the rest!
  • Consignors get a FREE pre-sale shopping pass.