LA Kids Events

November 4-7, 2023

SCV Kids Events

October 7-10, 2023


Turn your clutter into cash!

It’s LA mom’s favorite way to recycle, reuse and raise your kids affordably.

Step 1: Register to Sell

 Burbank Fall ONLINE 2023 Sale- 11/4-11/7 

Consignor Registration Opens:  9/21/23 @ 10am

Tagging deadline: 10/29 @ 10pm

Online Pre-sale:  11/4 @ 8am

Online Public Sale: 11/4 starting at 9am thru 11/7

Consignor Drop off:  9am-8pm on 11/9 & 11/10 

Order Pick up:  11/12 & 11/13       (by appointment)


ATB Studios

157 W. Providencia Ave.

Burbank, CA 91355


Step 2: Tag & Upload your Items

Use our EASY online software system to create your tags and print them at home!

Burbank Kids ONLINE tagging deadline: 10/29 @ 10pm



Step 3: Drop Off Items

For the LA Kids Burbank Fall 2023 online event you only drop off your sold items.  Sold item drop off days are 11/9 or 11/10 9am-8pm (by appointment)

Drop off location is:

157 W. Providencia Ave.

Burbank, CA 91502




Step 1: Register to Sell

SCV Fall ONLINE 2023 Sale – Saturday, October 7th-Tuesday, October 10th 

Consignor Registration Opens: Wednesday, August 30th @ 10am

Tagging deadline: Sunday, October 1st @ 10pm

Online Pre-sale:  Saturday, October 7th @ 8am

Online Public Sale: Sunday, October 8th @ 9am

Consignor Drop off: Thursday, October 12th from 9am-8pm & Friday, October 13th from 9am-8pm

Order Pick up:  Sunday, October 15th from 12pm-8pm & Monday, October 16th from 9am-3pm


Former Total Woman

24245 Magic Mountain Pkwy.

Valencia, CA 91355


Step 2: Tag & Upload your Items

Use our EASY software system to create your tags and print them at home!

SCV Kids ONLINE tagging deadline: Sunday, October 1st



Step 3: Drop Off Items

For SCV Kids Fall 2023 online event you only drop off your sold items.  Sold item drop off days are Thursday, October 12th & Friday, October 13th from 9am-8pm by appointment

Drop off location is:

24245 Magic Mountain Pkwy.

Valencia, CA 91355




It’s the mom’s helping moms sale!!   Now there is a great way to recycle your outgrown children’s items and earn money for them!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why sell your items at LA Kids Consignment?
  • Earn a big fat check just by recycling your kids’ out-grown items!
  • Sell up to 200 items per event.
  • Safer than having strangers show up at your house to buy individual items.
  • Easier than meeting in the Starbucks parking lot to sell a $2.00 shirt.
  • Earn 60-70% of sales.
  • You enter your items at home, drop off your items, and we do the rest! 
  • Consignors receive a FREE presale pass to shop early.
What can you sell?

We take almost all types of products for infants through pre-teens. Each consignor must have at least 30 items and at most 200 items for online events).

  • Clothing and shoes (sizes newborn through Juniors) – all seasons accepted 
  • Toys, games and puzzles
  • Indoor and outdoor play equipment and ride-ons
  • Nursery/Baby items (monitors, diaper pails, diaper bags, bathtubs, etc.)
  • Baby Equipment (high chairs, swings, strollers, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, etc.)
  • Linens – crib linens and children’s linens
  • Furniture for kids rooms/playrooms only – cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, dressers, beds, kids tables, etc.
  • Books, DVDs (we accept DVDs for kids and for parents), Music
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Seasonal Items – Halloween costumes, Easter outfits, Christmas items, etc.
  • Women’s purses and Women’s shoes
  • Items that are not accepted:  Car seats (including infant, toddler and boosters), breast pumps, cribs manufactured before June 2011, and VHS tapes are NOT accepted and any items that have been recalled by the CPSC. 
See all product categories for the sale. 
How much can you earn?

Consignors earn 60-70% of their items that sell.  

What happens to my unsold items?

In-person events: Come back to pick up your unsold items when the event is over or donate them (we donate to 5-7 charities at the end of the events) if you don’t want to come back.

Online events:  Keep any unsold items at your house and they’ll be ready for the next event.

How do I become a consignor?

It’s easy!  Once registration opens for an event, just get registered!   You can do that on the Consignor Registration page of this website.

Once you have paid your registration fee, you will receive instructions on how to begin tagging your items.

Why is there a registration fee?

Your registration fee secures your spot for the event and helps cover the cost of the location rental, advertising, insurance, display racks, supplies, etc.

How do I tag my items?

Once you have registered and received your Consignor #, you can begin tagging your items. You will receive detailed information upon registration telling you how to tag, hang, tape, etc. your items before bringing them to the sale. Here are the top highlights:

  • All clothing must be clean and not have stains, rips, tears, broken zippers, etc.
  • All toys requiring batteries must have batteries.
  • Each item must have a product information tag attached to it. Our online tagging program makes these for you!

LA Kids Consignment wants to ensure that all the products at the sale are clean and in working order. Therefore, we have detailed instructions on how to prepare your items. Before you decide to consign, we highly recommend you read more about tagging so you are familiar with the process. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILED TAGGING INSTRUCTIONS.

Who sets the prices?

Each consignor chooses how they want to price their items. We recommend pricing your items 30-50% of original retail. That being said, the lower you price your items, the better they will sell. You should think about what you would pay for the items if you were buying them. We do have a Pricing Guideline – you may choose to follow this guideline or not – please do what is most comfortable for you.

During the sale, there is no negotiating the prices – the price on your item is what it will be sold for. However, the last day of the sale is the 50% off sale day. It is up to you as the consignor to decide if you would like your items to be discounted on that day. When making your product tags online, you may choose which, if any, items you would like to be discounted.  Discount days are big shopping days at the sale so we do recommend that you discount your items.

When do I bring my items to the sale?

Upon registering, you will also be sent instructions on how to sign up for a drop-off appointment to bring your items to the sale.  For our online events, you will drop off only “sold” items to us a couple of days after the online sale has finished.  For in-person events, you will drop off all your items before the event begins.


When do consignors get to shop?

As a consignor, you get to shop the private pre-sale!!!! The pre-sale is the day before the public sale – so you get first pick of the merchandise!

All consignors get to shop the pre-sale, however, if you help out at the sale, you get into the pre-sale even earlier and an additional 5-10% commission! 

When do I get paid???

Through the awesome online tagging program, you will be able to see which of your items sell each night after the sale closes. About a week after the sale is completed, we pay all consignors via PayPal. There is no cost to the consignor to receive their consignor earnings.