Furniture and Home Decor

We have always accepted children's furniture and some home decor items including:

·         Beds

·         Cribs manufactured after June 2011

·         Changing tables

·         Children's room decor

·         Dressers, night stands, etc.

·         Picture frames, albums, etc

·         Rocking chairs and children's tables/chairs

·         Toy storage units


For the Fall 2018 Canoga Park sale:

We will also accept some furniture and home decor for the rest of your home as well.  This is exclusive to our Canoga Park location only. Registered consignors can drop these items off to us during their regular drop off appointments.  These items should be entered into the system and tagged before the tagging deadline of 10/1.  In addition to pieces that are intended for kids' rooms, we will accept items for living spaces, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc.  Please read the following so you know what will and won't be accepted.

·         Condition - furniture and home decor items must be less than 7 years old.  As with all of our items, they must be in good condition with no damage, rips, tears, stains or smells.  Items that have been recalled will not be accepted.  Any items that do not meet these standards will be refused.

·         Donations - just like all other items, you have the choice to donate unsold items or pick them up if they do not sell.  If you have large furniture that does not sell, please plan to pick it up. Oftentimes, our charities don't have capability of taking these or they don't have use for them.

·         Display - the consignor is responsible for getting items to the sale and putting items in the correct location on the sales floor.  LA Kids cannot guarantee that we will have strong enough volunteers to help move your heavy items, so please bring help with you.  We will have dollies available.  Items sell best when assembled, so please plan on assembling your item(s) as best as possible.  Make sure to include any and all hardware.  Directions are extremely helpful.  If you don't still have them, consider printing them from the manufacturer’s website.  A picture of your item(s) fully set up in your home might be helpful as well.  Consider snapping a picture before you disassemble it.

·         Pricing - please be reasonable with your pricing.  Consignment shoppers are looking for great bargains.  You may have paid $2000 for your dining set, but at resale, it might only sell for $200.

·         Tagging - tag your furniture just as you do your other consignment items.  If you are selling multiple pieces as a set, hand write additional tags to attach to each piece just as instructed in the regular consignor instructions.

What you may bring:

·         Dining or kitchen tables with chairs

·         Lamps with light bulbs (so they can be tested)

·         Office chairs

·         Living room chairs and ottomans

·         End tables and coffee tables

·         Rugs (must be cleaned.  We will check them at drop off and then you will roll and bind them)

·         Artwork - framed or canvas (no mirrors)

·         Decorative items

·         Seasonal items (no spring/summer holiday items during the fall sale and no fall/winter holiday items during the spring sale)

·         Dressers and bedroom furniture

·         Twin mattresses are allowed ONLY if you are selling it with a twin bed (no other sized mattresses will be accepted)

·         Desks and bookcases

What you may NOT bring:

·         Dining or kitchen chairs without a table

·         Full, queen or king mattresses

·         Computers or computer accessories including printers

·         Appliances - kitchen or household

·         TV's, VCR or DVD players

·         TV cabinets

·         Couches or love seats

·         Kitchen glasses that are glass

·         Extremely breakable items